Friday, October 2, 2009

More Economics research blogging

There few of us blogging on research in Economics, as most economist bloggers prefer to concentrate on current events, data releases and arguing with each other who started personal attacks. So when some newcomer decides to start with a blog really dedicated to research, this is a welcome addition.

Some NEP editors are starting an experiment with blogging about new papers in their respective fields. According to the post on the RePEc blog, each participating editors will select one paper a week for discussion. Two blogs are already up, Open Macroeconomics and Dynamic General Equilibrium, with hopefully more to come. There are only few comments so far, but they just started. As I hope Economic Logic demonstrates, a blog can be good even without big discussions (although I would obviously prefer it).

At this point, the blogs cater to a niche market, but I can see them develop into a meeting place for people working in those areas, in particular with the proposed weekly posts, which is a pace more appropriate for academics. That may be more successful than my blog, which is more dispersed and has so far five posts a week (I just have so much to say and share...).

If you are curious about other research blogs in Economics, there is a compilation over at Econ Academics. And by the way, NEP is a terrific source of new research in Economics, which I draw heavily on.

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