Sunday, December 16, 2007

The first post

This is my first try at a blog, so we will see how it will get. The purpose of this blog is to discuss various events from an economic perspective. There are already plenty of blogs doing this, but I hope my own grain of salt will add something to the discourse. Postings may or may not be daily, we'll see.

As the title indicates, I want to priviledge the use of economic logic when discussing issues. I welcome challenges to this logic, or to my reasoning. Comments are for now open to everyone, this may change depending on use/abuse.


Independent Accountant said...

Say something about yourself, like are you a professor, a graduate student, a resident of London, etc. Say something.

Neil said...

I happened upon you from a link at the Angry Bear --- I've enjoyed reading your first few posts, and find it especially helpful that you throw in little comments like "relatively inelastic, that is, demand doesn't respond much to a change in price": while the phrases you've clarified this way so far have been ones I am familiar with, I am sure, as a non-professional economist, that I will find your asides helpful on occasion. And also that others already have!

Welcome to a small corner of the blogosphere (can spheres have corners?)