Friday, June 27, 2008

Where are the Brazilian economists?

It has always struck me how large the diaspora of Argentinian economists is, especially in Macroeconomics. Speaking to them, I learned that a lot of them where motivated to study Economics by observing and living the chronic problems of Argentina. But then, why do they not return to fix this country? The typical answer is that the economy is beyond repair, and thus they stay in North America or Europe.

What about the Brazilians, then? Brazil also suffers from chronic problems, it is even larger, so it has the potential to provide many motivated economists. Yet, I rarely meet one, and it is not becasue they would all return home after graduation: there are very few Brazilian students in graduate programs.

So, where are they?


Anonymous said...

Jose Serra and Arminio Fraga come to mind.

Anonymous said...

There are some Brazilians in Macro, but indeed much, much fewer than Argentinians.