Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Microsoft, still the evil monopoly

Let me rant about another evil monopoly, Microsoft. Unfortunately, this is not the first time. The problem with monopolies is that they manage to get away with actions that would never be tolerated in a competitive marketplace. Here are some recent examples regarding Microsoft.

Microsoft automatic updates recently installed updates for the .NET suite that included a Firefox plug-in. Now why would Microsoft bother installing plug-ins for competing products? In this particular case, the plug-in allows websites to install software without the user's knowledge, that is, it creates for Firefox the vulnerabilities that plague Internet Explorer. Users are never prompted about this. Worse even, it does not appear to be possible to remove this plug-in without much trouble (such as downloading additional material from Microsoft). Details.

In view of Vista getting much traction, Windows has been encouraging users to download Windows 7 (release candidate version) for testing (and getting used to). It will stop functioning in June 2010. This will then force users to purchase Windows 7. The installation of any operating system, including a purchased copy of Windows 7 or a return to the previous one, will require wiping clean the hard drive. Thanks. Details (see IMPORTANT).

Microsoft continues to push Windows on manufacturers, making it difficult to buy computers with alternative operating systems, or none. Why would manufacturers go along? Windows is so bloated (along with the ever growing virus software) that it requires to upgrade hardware. And Windows installs typically have a Microsoft Office teaser install, prompting you to buy it after 60 days, while there are free products out there that do the same job (if not better), such as Open Office.

And my previous rants about forced and unnecessary upgrades, abusing patents


ekkehart said...

I have just unistalled the .NET framework assistant from Firefox without problems, using Tools >> Add-ons >> Unistall


Anonymous said...

Here is another way to remove MS .NET extension.