Friday, January 1, 2010

A look back at 2009

This is just a very selfish look back on the Economic Logic blog for 2009. Over the past year, I concentrated much more on discussing research, which has attracted, from what I can see, a larger and especially more loyal readership. And what was read the most?

  1. The evil empire strikes again
  2. Why so much teenage sex?
  3. Who buys online porn
  4. One more argument against banning child labor
  5. Labor supply elasticity: micro versus macro estimates

Those that get more traffic are those that get referenced on other blogs, get sent around through emails and get traffic from non-regulars though Google. It looks like sex still sells. As for comments, they are still low but more numerous that last year. Those that attracted the most discussion were:

  1. Journals are dead
  2. Do new drugs reduce medical costs?
  3. Development economics needs to refocus on theory
  4. Exploiting sunk costs
  5. A new look at the Laffer Curve
  6. The poor living quarters of economists

It is interesting that the intersection between both sets is empty. That can happen when one picks the top five or six over 231 posts, but still intriguing.


Liam Delaney said...

Economic Logic is a good blog that I reference frequently on our own one. I feel your second list may be more illustrative of the core readership than the first. I imagine some of the people who landed on at least two of the links in the first list, via a google search, must have been somewhat disappointed to see an academic discussion.

DannyLMcDaniel said...

Keep up the good work in 2010. Your second of topics appealed to me more than the first, especially when it pertain to applied economics.

I hope to all that read this that 2010 is the best year of your life. Anything is better than the past two years.

Danny L. McDaniel
Lafayette, Indiana