Thursday, May 3, 2012

On the difficulty of targeting financial aid to students

With the cost of education continuing to rise, financial aid to student becomes more important to help those with merit but little means (or borrowing constraints). Identifying whether financial aid actually helps bright students go to university is of course the most important question.

Loris Vergolini and Nadir Zanini study this in the case of Italy, where they surveyed students before and after university entrance, in the context of a generous financial aid initiative targeted towards bright low-income students. The results are sobering. it does not appear to have motivated more students to go to university. Those who were going anyway now are willing to move farther, presumably to potentially better programs. But this program was only recently introduced and could not have an impact on the school effort of those about to graduate. One can hope that its existence will motivate younger cohorts to excel in school to be eligible and make it to university.

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