Saturday, June 29, 2013

Byebye Google Reader

Goodle Reader is set to close on Monday, and like me many have complained about the selfish decision of Google to trim services that are not profit making. People were hoping Google would reverse its decision given the loss of goodwill, but to no avail.

While I have a good substitute in the Old Reader, one can wonder what less substitutable Google service could be next on the choppimg block. That would be a service that provides little ad revenue and little information useful for ad optimization. Among the services I find most useful, Gmail and Google Maps seem safe. Google Scholar is not, as I do not see how Google an find something profitable in this rather niche product. But at least there is a good substitute for economists. Google Translate. however, has no viable substitute and I see no business case for it.


Anonymous said...

Feedly recently upgraded so that you don't need to install any browser extensions to use it. It's rather good.

Anonymous said...

Translate brings a lot of benefits to Google, as it allows to peek at what people are browsing or are interested in. Scholar is more likely to go, it is big infrastructure for few users. But indeed, we have RePEc.