Friday, October 3, 2008


No post today. Too depressed by what is happening in Washington. They will never learn.

Update: my condition is upgraded to "in sarcastic mood" after seeing this.


Anonymous said...

Learn what? In a Nash equilibrium no one can act unilaterally and make things better off.

You see a lot of people going into politics set on changing things and either end up part of the system or rejected or destroyed by that system.

T-Bone said...

If you're in a sarcastic mood, this should be gold:

Anonymous said...

i believe that everything that is happening now or happened is something we both predicted a while back - no surprises.

funny that every decade there seems to be a boom and a bust - so much for smoothing of the business cycle or is it just creative destruction (no pun intended relating to the current "financial crisis")

one more thing: i like buffet's moves but i don't like preferential treatment that he got as an individual investor - he's made billions on opportunities that other folk can't get (but should)...i guess F.Scott Fitzgerald was right when he quipped that the rich are different from me and you.

Nice to see you's been some time...and so many changes!

Anonymous said...

oops...i thought you were someone else...ignore the sentimental comments in my preious post.

But, wouldn't mind hearing your thoughts on some of my other comments. Thanks.