Wednesday, January 2, 2008

The most cited recent articles in Economics

RePEc just released a list of the most cited recent articles in Economics (or at least from its data), recent being defined as published in the last five years. Are these the future classics? Are these the papers that will lead to Nobel Prize? I do not see anything that really strikes me. The only marginal candidate I see is Anderson and van Wincoop's "Gravity with Gravitas." Is there really nothing groundbreaking written nowadays?


Independent Accountant said...

One of the authors of item 33 is James Heckman, who has a Nobel Prize. So? These papers don't look very interesting to me either.

Anonymous said...

Independant Accountant, James Heckman already got his Nobel Prize, the post was about new ones, and no I do not see any likely candidates either.

Anonymous said...

From among those listed I'd say Jean Tirole may be a future Nobel laureate, but perhaps not primarily for the two-sided platform work represented on this list (item 34).