Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Change I can believe in

Now that elections are over, here are a few things the new president could take to his heart and change for the better:

Show leadership!


Anonymous said...

The most evolved project for a hybrid direct/representative democracy is led by former Sen. Mike Gravel. Registered voters can now vote to ratify the National Initiative for Democracy at, much as citizens ratified the Constitution at the Conventions when the Legislatures wouldn't!

TStockmann said...

I would also add: return the capital gains tax exclusion on principal residences to the status quo ante, as a one time exemption to facilitate retirement and downsizing.

SL said...

Why replace dollar bills with dollar coins? And wouldn't getting rid of pennies by costly and confusing with all the repricing that needs to take place, especially considering the fact that taxes need to be taken into account for purchases.

Anonymous said...

I enthousiastically endorse getting rid of dollar bills. They are typically in an absolutely horrible shape, old dirty rags. Coins do not suffer this problem. And prices can be rounded to the nearest nickel, we do not need pennies.

Anonymous said...

have a referendum on abortion and close the issue.

Stupid idea. Why should people in 2008 decide what people in 2208 can or can't do.

NO issue should ever be closed for eternity. Every law should have sunset provisions.