Saturday, December 19, 2009

Two years of blogging

It is now two years that I am blogging here. While two years seems like a re rather short time, it adds up to about 450 posts. All in all, imagine reading 400+ papers and provide your opinion about them. In retrospect, this is a huge task!

But I enjoy doing it, and it appears a growing readership does, too. While it obviously hampers the time I can devote to my own research, I still enjoy it. Again, I would hope this would generate a bit more discussion, and it has improved over last year. But still, do not hesitate to discuss my opinions or offer your own about the papers. And I especially encourage the discussed authors. Few took the opportunity so far.

Speaking of comments. The increase in popularity of Economic Logic implies also that it appeared on the radar of spam commenters. I try to keep up with them, but I have only so much time. Hence I have now started moderation of comments on older posts. Comments are still welcome, but given that for non-current posts the signal-to-noise ratio was becoming really low, I had to intervene.

Finally, consider a donation. I could be doing consulting work or writing more papers instead of this blog. There is a clear opportunity cost for me. So if you were pondering giving something to the lady that brings your daily junk mail, go for me instead...


Agent Continuum said...

You rock, logician! Keep up the awesome work!

Re: commenting, it's hard to have something sensible to say outside of one's field or sub-field. But I do read your posts religiously. Well, I even started my own blog in part to emulate your efforts here.

Congratulations on the anniversary and many happy returns!

K said...
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Anonymous said...

You could have written two books in that period of time based on the number of pages written for the weblog. It does put time and money into perspective. However, that is how most are written, a couple of paragraphs or pages a day. After three months of diligent work, you are close to done. Write a book!!!

Danny L. McDaniel
Lafayette, Indiana

rehab said...

Really really glad to have found this blog.
So much research and lots of debate about. Am a public policy and economics student in the making and this makes for excellent reading material.

Keep writing!