Tuesday, August 18, 2009

I made it in the SSRN top ten!

I just learned that one of my papers made it to the exclusive list of the SSRN top ten. Well, that was a few weeks ago, as my listed contact details are wrong. But I learned it from my co-author, who is actually not listed either. He stumbled on the listing while looking for similar material. And to add to our confusion, neither of us submitted the paper...

In any case, should I be proud of this achievement and rush to my dean to announce the news? Well, I counted on the SSRN web site 83 different topical journals, each having a top ten list each month. Assuming no overlap, that makes 83 times 10 times 12, or 9960 top ten papers a year on SSRN, just for economics. I could not figure out how many new papers in economics are uploaded on SSRN, or what the current stock is, but I guess my paper may have been downloaded more than half of the papers. Not that much of a distinction. However, given the fact that I did not know about the paper's presence on SSRN, I cannot possibly have manipulated the download count. My numbers are absolutely clean.

Oh, and the download count? Barely double digit.


Kansan said...

Congratulations. I guess by now there are very few people who cannot claim to have been in a SSRN top ten. So, welcome to the majority.

Anonymous said...

I just got a similar email and was wondering how ridiculous it was considering I had all of 13 downloads and it was listed under a topic (behavioral and experimental) that I didn't really consider to be my research.